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Backpack kit

  • Backpack (1)
  • Good visibility red color
  • Reflect logo
  • Two compartments to have easy organization
  • Easy to storage in you car,home office,restaurant,travel,vacatiion.when near evacuation
  • Easy to grab anywhere you can go



First aid

  • (1) First aid kit
    The essential medical supplies you will need For minor scrapes.cuts, and bruises
  • (1) Hand sanitizer,informative colletion of tips on emergency first aid
  • Reflect logo
  • (1) Toilet paper,2 mask multi used


  • (2) Flash light

    Provide bright clear lighting
    Use a constant squeezing motion to keep light on
    On/off switch with back up battery power for steady on light with out hand pomping
    Can be used to signal “SOS”
  • (1) 3” flashlight -battery-free light weigth emergency lighting

Fire starting

  • (80) water proof matches
  • (64) matchens wood regulars
    Even in wet condition the water proof matches are sure light when you need them.also the regulars match for any situation is required Use package inserts for fire starting material


  • (12) emergency drinking water pouches
    • 5 year shelf life
    • Contains purified water approvals US-COAST GUARD
    • 4.2 FL OZ (125ML) each


  • Emergency food ration package
  • shelf life 20 years


  • clear shelter emergency ponchos
    you can use multiple uses keeping yourself dry collecting rain water. Or ether building an emergency shelter ligthweigth and compact.
  • silver survival reflect blankets
    High visibility reflective surface can also be used to signal for “SOS” help

Survival tools

  • (1) 7 in-1 tool utelsil
    multi emergency hand tool
    simply and perfect
    designed with specific types of needs in mind
  • (1) Paracord
    Multi used can help build and emergency shelter
    Hang your food away from hungry wildlife
    Set snares
    Tease out core threads for emergency fishing line

oral hygiene

  • (1) Tooth brush
  • (1)Toothpaste


  • (1) Am/Fm slim style 2 band (battery)
    Frequency range fm 88-108 mhz
    Frequency range am 530-1600 khz
    Output 50mw
    Dimension 4”x2”1/2 inch


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